Table 5.4. pioneers-server-console command line

 -aintegerAdmin port to listen on
*-cintegerNumber of computer players to add
*-gstringGame name to use
 -h Show help
*-kintegerKill after n seconds with no player
 -mstringRegister at meta-server name (implies -r)
 -nstringUse this hostname when registering at the meta-server
*-PintegerNumber of players
*-pstringPort to listen on
*-r Register with meta-server
 -R0|1|2Seven rule
 -s Don't start game immediately, wait for command on admin port
 -tintegerTournament mode. Computer players are added after %d minutes
*-T0|1Select terrain type (0=default, 1=random)
*-vintegerNumber of points needed to win
*-x Quit after a player has won

The column 'M' shows whether the switch is used by the meta-server

Table 5.5. pioneers-server-console environment

PIONEERS_DIRThe location of the *.game files
PIONEERS_META_SERVERThe host name of the meta server