Chapter 4. The Computer Player

Pioneers comes with a computer player, pioneersai. This player isn't too bad at the moment, but not finished yet. Most notably, it cannot initiate domestic trade, and use the maritime rules yet.

pioneersai is a terminal application without GUI. Its command line options are:

Table 4.1. pioneersai command line options

-sservernameConnect to servername
-pportConnect to port port
-nnameSet the player name. If this option is absent, a random name will be choosen.
-aplayertypeChoose the type of computer player. Currently, there is only one type greedy, which is obviously also the default.
-tmillisecondsSet time to wait between turns.
-c Stop the computer player from giving comments.

However, most of the time you won't start pioneersai manually. Both game servers offer ways to start a number of computer players.