Pioneers setup phase

Once you have successfully connected to a Pioneers game server, the game map will be downloaded from the server and displayed in the map area of the display. You will be assigned a player color, which will be displayed in the identity panel, the player summary, and in the status bar. As soon as all other players have connected to the server, the setup phase will begin.

During the setup phase you must build one settlement and one road segment on the map. The settlement can be built on any land hex, and the road must be built on a land edge connected to the settlement.

Once you have built both your settlement and road, you must press the Finish Setup button. The next player will then enter the setup phase. The last player performs a double setup, that is, they build two settlements, each with a connecting road. Once the last player has completed setup, all other players perform a second setup in reverse sequence.

Once the first player has completed their second setup, the game will begin.