The chat panel

Underneath the map is a field where you can enter messages that will be broadcast to all other players. When you type a message and press Return, the message will be broadcast to all players.

Figure 1.11. The chat panel

The chat panel

Normally, text that you type will appear with your player name, for example "player1 said: foo". If you start your text with ":" the output will omit the "said", like "player1 needs more lumber".

The chat also knows some special commands that start with "/". The commands currently defined are:

Table 1.3. Chat Commands

;chat messageThe chat message is added directly behind the name of the player. Example: ;'s victory is imminent will become “player name's victory is imminent
:chat messageThe chat message is added after the name of the player with a space in between. Example: :needs lumber will become “player name needs lumber
/mechat messageThis is the same as the ":" described above, but IRC addicts might prefer this variant.
/beepplayer nameLet player name's client beep.

If you want to send a smiley that starts with a : or ;, type a space before the smiley.