Chapter 1. The Pioneers user interface

Table of Contents

The identity panel
The actions panel
The waiting prompt
The actions buttons
The robber prompt
The place robber prompt
The steal from prompt
The resources panel
The development cards panel
The player summary panel
The Pioneers map
The chat panel
The messages panel
The status bar

When you start Pioneers, the main window is displayed. The user interface is built up from a number of panels.

Figure 1.1. The client user interface

The client user interface

The identity panel

Before you have connected to a server, this panel will not be displayed. Once you have connected, the panel is painted with your player color. It also shows how many roads, settlements, and cities are still available to be built.

Once the game play starts, the last dice roll performed by a player is also displayed.

Figure 1.2. The identity panel

The identity panel