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Welcome! You've discovered the official home of Pioneers, that wonderfully addicting game based on "The Settlers of Catan" by Klaus Teuber (The 1995 German Game of the Year). Please pardon our dust whilst we expand and develop.

Obtaining Pioneers

At the moment, the lastest release is 15 build 5. Take a look at the project summary page for the latest news.

Pioneers is included in several distributions:

DistributionPackage nameMaintainer
and derivatives
e.g. Ubuntu
Roland Clobus
Bas Wijnen
GentoopioneersDon Seiler
FreeBSDgames/pioneersStefan Walter
OpenBSDgames/pioneersAntoine Jacoutot
OS X: FinkpioneersTristan Thiede
Microsoft WindowsDownloadRoland Clobus
Fedora CorepioneersBrian Wellington
Packman repository
Puppy LinuxpioneersJerzy Ogórski

If you miss your distribution here, send an e-mail.

Get the latest stable source from a release or the latest development source from Subversion.
svn checkout svn:// .

The development binaries are available in a ppa for Debian and Ubuntu. Use the ppa with care, it might contain new bugs.

Additional sites with release information:, gnomefiles, softpedia, tucows.

You can also check out the SourceForge: Project Info site for Pioneers. There, you can also subscribe to our mailinglist, where the latest bugs and features are discussed.

Reporting bugs

If you want to report a bug, please read the following:

  • Make sure you have at least the latest release before reporting a bug. If you are using Debian stable, report bugs to the Debian project, not to us (your bug report will be read any way).
  • Check the list of open bugs on SourceForge. If the bug is already there, you may want to add a comment to it about how to reproduce it, for example. Don't submit a bug which is already in the list as a new bug.
  • If you are not using the Subversion version, check the list of bugs marked fixed. These bugs are already fixed in the repository, but perhaps not in the latest release. Check the build number to see if the patch is already included in the release.
    Using the Subversion version will solve your problem. Please, don't submit a new bug report in that case.

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